Sunday, May 29, 2016

Project Summary Video

I shot a short video this week for Jack Rickard and EVTV.ME that covers the year long build-out of the PorschEV in a seven and a half minute segment. Here's Jack's show of May 27, 2016. My segment starts at the 6:57 mark.

Jack's explanation of the EV adoption curve and his new Chademo fast charge station is very interesting, so I'd encourage you to watch the whole thing. All of his shows are archived, so you can go back and watch them here.

If you'd rather just watch the PorschEV segment, it's available below:

I plan to produce a live walk-around and road test video soon, so stay tuned ...


  1. Great project Fred, enjoyed the update on yesterday's EVTV.

    1. Thanks! You last saw it when it was just a pile of parts.